Therapy Services

I offer psychotherapy for Individuals, as well as Couples Counseling and Group Therapy. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, I am not offering in-person therapy services and currently only offering teletherapy services.

The kind of psychotherapy that I offer is long-term and process-oriented. In our work together, we will explore your history and the here-and-now through our developing relationship. This kind of therapy is commonly referred to as “psychodynamic” because we pay attention to the interpersonal and psychological dynamics that contribute to your way of being. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is used to address a variety of mental health issues, including: anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, trauma, marriage problems and relationship issues, communication, suicidal ideation, existential problems, low self-esteem, and anger problems.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is useful for people who have difficulty feeling and expressing their emotions or for those who find it difficult to let their guard down and be vulnerable with others.

I am also an LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist, affirmative of people of color, and anti-racist.