COVID-19 Update

Due to the rise in Omicron variant, I have returned to teletherapy (phone and video) until further notice.

A photo portrait of Los Angeles therapist Dr. Smith, smiling.
Dr. Smith

Hello, I’m Dr. Katherine W. Smith, a Los Angeles-based therapist for creatives, black sheep, outsiders, introverts, and all the loveable weirdos! I provide in-person psychodynamic psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups  for people in Los Angeles (West LA, Beverly Hills, Mid-City, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Culver City). Additionally, I provide quality long-term psychotherapy to people all over California via telephone and video.

A photo of Dr. Smith's office.
My office.

In order to maintain a safe therapeutic environment, I require all in-person patients to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19  and provide proof of vaccination.

I currently have a waitlist for new and returning patients.  Therefore, please expect a short delay (up to six weeks) to begin our work together.

What is “Psychotherapy for Loveable Weirdos?”

A “lovable weirdo” is someone who might feel out of place or doesn’t always feel like they belong. Maybe you’re the “black sheep” in your family. You might identify as an Introvert or as a creative or artistic person. Or you might have a diagnosis of ADHD or an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Regardless of the labels, you find yourself longing to connect more with others and to feel more confident as your authentic self.

You are a person to be understood, not a problem to be solved.

We start with the idea that there is already a lot about you that is strong and worthy. We take our time to explore who you are, including your family history, in order to understand how your past has influenced your present. As our relationship develops, we also pay attention to the interpersonal dynamics that have contributed to your way of being. Working this way often alleviates some of the pressure and anxiety that “lovable weirdos” may feel in other parts of their lives. 

Inclusive Therapy

I provide LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy, as well as BIPOC affirmative, anti-racist therapy.  Inclusive therapy decenters white, heterosexual, ableist, and cisgender perspectives and focuses on your individual experience.  We will explore the intersection of all of your identities because this approach takes into account the social, cultural, and economic forces that influence your individual development.